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Personal injury is a general or umbrella term referring to any harm caused by negligent, reckless, or intentional acts of others. If you sustain injuries from an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, trucking accident, workplace and construction accident, slip and fall accident, medical errors, wrongful death, injuries by defective products, or any other injury caused by the careless acts of another party, then you can file a personal injury claim with the assistance of a Tallahassee personal injury lawyer to recover compensation for damages.

Florida personal injury regulations fall under Tort Law, which involves cases where plaintiffs seek economical compensation for any injuries they sustained. Physical injuries could arise from traffic accidents, workplace accidents that occur because dangerous or unsafe working products, or the use of defective products. Personal injuries can also be caused by psychological trauma associated with life-threatening injuries, like that resulting from witnessing trauma in others, or after a narrow escape from serious injury following a catastrophic event. Before any award can be issued, your personal injury attorney must establish that the defendant was negligent, and that your injuries were the result of that negligence.

When a person or organization is found to be legally accountable for injuring another party, they can be held liable for the injuries. In personal injury cases, the at-fault party may be required to pay compensatory damages to the injured victim. Such compensatory damages are aimed at putting the injured party in a position where they were prior to the injury. For instance, if you are involved in a car crash, you can file a claim to demand the at-fault driver to pay for damages, which may include hospital bills, lost wages, and cost of repairing the damaged car. In some cases, you can seek additional compensation for punitive damages, which are intended to punish the negligent parties and deter them from repeating similar acts of malice or recklessness to others in future.

It is important to contact a qualified Tallahassee personal injury attorney after your injury to avoid paying for hospital bills, lost wages, long-term treatment, and property damage out of your own pocket. Even in cases where Personal Injury Protection – PIP insurance applies, like in automobile accidents, you may end up receiving only a small fraction of the compensation you deserve under law. This can affect not only your recovery, but also your finances for months and years to come. But with the help of a competent Tallahassee attorney, you can pay for hospital bills, replace lost income, and recover other damages from the at-fault party, before you face huge financial challenges.


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